Broccoli salad

  • MJ Holderer Posted: 04/22/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This dish is a big favorite and in about every southern cook book. This version is quick and You can pull it off and happily eat the left overs for a good while.  It can be revamped into an appetizer if chopped into tiny bits; put on toasted crackers of any type. I look for dishes that don't require special cold or hot care for the pot luck. This fits the bill. If I'm driving a long distance the day before (like B'ham) I bring the dressing and nuts separate, baggy store it all in a small cooler; mix on site just before consumption. Then I just have a bowl and a spoon to keep track of. These days I have some serving spoons from good will; so I don't care of they don't get home. If it's a friend's house some times I just bag it, toss in cooler and use friend's bowl and spoon. That way the beer and wine can also fit in. In theory only the cooler comes home.  Have fun with it.