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Spanish Salmorejo de Cordobés ( Cold Tomato Soup)

Spanish Salmorejo de Cordobés ( Cold Tomato Soup)

This classic recipe of Andalusia is simple, non laborious and a lovely starter on a warm day. Very versatile and can be used as a bed for shellfish and / or a thick, velvety and creamy tomato based soup.

  • Yield: 4 servings


  • green peppers 2
  • tomatoes 4
  • eggs 2
  • slice(s) Bread 3
  • Milk
  • tablespoon(s) sherry vinegar 1
  • tablespoon(s) olive oil 3
  • cup(s) ice water 5
  • orange 1


1) slice the bell peppers into small cubes

2) place them in a Food Processor and add the minced garlic cloves ( 2 ) and sprinkle with sea salt

3) crush or finely mince milk soaked day old bread and squeeze until dry

4) then seed and peel the tomatoes and add to the mix

5) add the sherry vinegar or white wine vinegar as a sub and the ice water

6) peel the orange, remove the pith and the zest and slice finely and add to the salmorejo mixture

7) boil salted water and prepare 2 hard boiled eggs for garnish

8) sprinkle with picatostes or croutons and Iberian ham if you wish

9) the texture is velvety and thick

10) serve in bowls with a spoon

Can be used as a bed for boiled shellfish, for example lobster or shrimp

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Spanish Salmorejo de Cordobés ( Cold Tomato Soup) Recipe