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Sesame-Honey Chicken Stir-Fry

Sesame-Honey Chicken Stir-Fry

1⁄4 cup honey 2 Tbsp rice vinegar 2 Tbsp soy sauce 3 Tbsp sesame oil, divided 1 1⁄4 lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced into 1⁄4-by-1-inch strips 1 Tbsp chopped ginger (from a jar) 2 tsp minced garlic (from a jar) 1 (16-oz) package frozen stir-fry vegetables such as Birds Eye asparagus stir-fry 3 cups hot cooked rice

  • Yield: 4 servings


  • 1 1/4 pound(s) Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • 3 cup(s) hot cooked rice



1. In a small bowl, whisk honey, vinegar, and soy sauce.

2. In a wok, heat 2 Tbsp oil over medium-high for 1 minute. Add chicken and stir-fry for 3 minutes. Remove to a plate.

3. Add remaining oil, ginger, and garlic to wok. Stir-fry for 30 seconds. Add vegetables and cook for 5 minutes, then add soy mixture; cook until mixture boils. Add chicken and stir-fry for about 3 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly cooked.

4. Serve over rice, sprinkled with black sesame seeds.


Serve: 4. Per Serving: 540 calories, 59g carbs, 38g protein, 16g fat, 85mg cholesterol, 550mg sodium, 2g fiber

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Sesame-Honey Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe