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crab dip

crab dip

  • Yield: 1 serving


  • crab


1 pound crabmeat

1 block cream cheese

2-3 tablespoons light mayo

cooking sherry

1 small onion- tiny diced

1/2 red pepper-tiny diced

jalaepenos in a jar

old bay to taste

lemon jiuce

butter or margerine- 1 tablespoon, or some spray stuff...

garlic powder (optional)

chhese to melt on top

hot sauce.

preheat over to about 375. soften cream cheese- leave out for a bit or low microwave it. put it in a bowl. ok, so chop up veggies (Onions, pepper, jalapeno) and saute over medium/high heat in the cooking sherry and a little bit of butter or margerine. then pour that over the cream cheese in the bowl. next. add a few tablespoons of mayo to make the texture smoother. add hot sauce and old bay to taste. i like to make it so the mix looks a little orange. you can add a shake of garlic powder, but it's not necessary. mix all up until a smooth texture. next pour your crabmeat overtop of mixture (before doing this sort through to pull out shells). put some lemon juice on the crabmeat (not a big deal if you forget). then fold the crabmeat into the mix so that it is evenly distributed. bake until bubbly- depending on your dish 15-25 minutes. then top in cheese, sprinkle some old bay on top, and put back in for a few minutes to melt. great with baguette, tostitos, a spoon.....

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