Turkey Breast with White Wine Gravy

  • SRodrig185 Posted: 12/25/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    The turkey breast was too big for my crockpot. I had to put a weight on the top to keep is shut tight. I tried not to use too much liquid and I cooked it longer than 5 hours. The vegetables were not done in 5 hours. So, I turned the temperature up to high for a while and kept on cooking. The gravy is great. It was just a little to thin, so I added more mix (corn starch and gravy mixed) and boiled a little longer. Even though I added extra thickener, the flavor was still excellent and it wasn't too thick. After everything, it was delilcious. I mopped up the gravy with some King's Hawaiian Bread and served it with sauteed green beans and warm chocolate pudding for desert.


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