Tuna Seviche

Tuna SevicheRecipe
The outside of the tuna will darken as it marinates. For the prettiest presentation, cut tuna pieces in half to show the pink inside.


Makes 6 servings

Recipe from

Coastal Living


1 pound tuna, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
1/2 cup finely diced red onion
1/3 cup soy sauce
1 jalapeño, seeded and minced
1 avocado, peeled, seeded, and diced
1/2 cup fresh lime juice
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1/4 cup fresh mint, finely chopped
Garnish: uncooked rice noodles


Combine first 8 ingredients in a stainless steel or glass bowl. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour before serving. Spoon into individual glasses; garnish, if desired.