Photo Courtesy Clarkson Potter
Makes five or six 3-ounce pops

How about a bloody mary that actually cures hangovers? Unlike the typical brunch drink, this version is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, using real, whole-food ingredients (like—gasp!—real tomatoes) for a spicy, hearty, Sunday morning mocktail pop (or cocktail pop, if you add the vodka). This pop, based on a bloody mary invented by my friend Hogan, boasts a salad’s worth of nutrients, but the real superstar here is beet, which, besides adding a lovely, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it sweetness, is renowned for its blood-and liver-cleansing properties—exactly the parts of your body that take a beating when you drink. Garlic gets your immune system back into fighting shape, while the hot sauce kicks your metabolism into high gear to quell any day-after nausea.

Note: If the smell of garlic sticks to your molds, pour a bit of distilled white vinegar into each mold after it’s clean then fill them to the brim with water. Let sit for 30 minutes then wash and rinse.

Tomato Beet Bloody Mary Pop

From Glow Pops: Super-Easy Superfood Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Your Best by Liz Moody

Photo Courtesy Clarkson Potter

Recipe reprinted from Glow Pops: Super-Easy Superfood Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Your Best by Liz Moody with permission from Clarkson Potter.

How to Make It

Step 1

Put the beets in a microwave-safe dish with 1 inch of water, cover, and microwave until fork-tender, 3 to 5 minutes. Alternatively, cook the beets in a stovetop steamer for 15 minutes, or until fork-tender. Let cool, then transfer to a blender, add the remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth.

Step 2

Pour the mixture into pop molds and freeze for 1 hour, then insert sticks and freeze for at least 4 hours more, or until solid.

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