Tahini Swirl Brownies

  • detailaddict Posted: 03/05/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I couldn't wait to try this recipe. Tahini is umami on steroids, and I've been looking for ways to pair it with chocolate. Wish I'd tested the recipe as-is first before doubling it. The brownie part lacks cohesion but tastes great, and I really think the sesame oil adds that depth of flavor and uber-chocolatey experience. But the tahini swirl turned out like overcooked scrambled egg - tough, tasteless and crumbly. It actually separates from the brownie underneath as you cut the squares. I was going to serve these to company but I'm glad I tasted one first. I would try this again but with more flour and/or less fat for better structure, some leavening (odd that this wasn't included) and without egg in the sweetened tahini.

  • arahbee Posted: 02/19/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I've made these twice, now, subbing in flaxseed oil for the sesame oil the first time. The only apparent difference was that the sesame oil one seems a bit more moist. These are very tasty, and I love how simple and quick they are to make. These are cakey, rather than chewy brownies, which are very good while still warm from the oven. I prefer chewy brownies, so this is why it just got three stars. Still: yum.


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