Summer Squash Croquettes

  • MichelleS Posted: 07/16/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    It was a good thing that I prepped these way ahead of dinner time because the first batch I made following the recipe and it was SOUP. There was absolutely no way a patty would form out of the wet mess I had. Steaming and mashing the squash makes it much much much too watery and then you add more wet ing. SO....I threw that away and a coupl hours later did it my own way. Shredded the sqaush in the food processor and DID NOT cook it before making the patty. I also pressed out as much water as I could. Even then I had to add a lot more of the crumbs. was finally good and I recommend doing it this way.

  • culinaryclique Posted: 01/16/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I use a vidalia onion in this recipe. We love this option in addition to casserole and stewed squash. This is a favorite among the entire family.

  • drbrat Posted: 07/17/10
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    My whole family raved about these-- I've made them twice and had no trouble either time with the consistency-- I did make sure to drain the excess water out of the mashed squash! I substituted lo-fat club crackers for the saltines both times since I always have them at home.

  • cookieee Posted: 05/23/10
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    I know what to do with the cornmeal, but the recipe does not say what to do with it after putting it in a dish. Have not made this recipe yet, so ignore the rating.

  • Jaxpo12 Posted: 10/05/10
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    I love this recipe but I did make it gluten free by using food for life brown rice bread crumbs and I browned my squash and spring onions in a little olive oil instead of steaming no draining required... then I used the same cast iron pan to cook the croquettes with no extra oil. They were loved by my entire family! YUM. I served this with roasted acorn squash, steamed broccoli, and quinoa with wild rice.

  • EllenDeller Posted: 08/12/11
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    Yes, but needs added seasoning: garlic, paprika, thyme, fresh basil. Drain the mixture very thoroughly in a sieve before you add the crackers. This recipe appeared exactly as is in the May 1999 issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. Odd.

  • soonerjen Posted: 06/01/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I thought these were great. I considered leaving the squash raw after reading some of the reviews, but decided to steam it after all, knowing that I could press the liquid out if I needed to later. I'm glad I steamed it, because it made it easy to mash and I think the flavor gets more developed with the pre-cooking. I made sure the squash mixture was very dry and everything worked out just fine. They come out very buttery-tasting. My husband and I ate these with broccoli-cheddar soup, and with fried eggs the next morning. delicious!

  • Jazzy1 Posted: 09/09/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    My husband and I loved these. I steamed the scallions and onions in a microwave steaming bag and had very little moisture. I used cornflake crumbs, since that is what I had on hand. WIll definitely make again, and experiment with adding different spices.


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