Sugared Chocolate Beignets

  • Titus1 Posted: 02/05/10
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    Help - i followed this recipe very carefully but could not get the chocolate/cream filling to firm up. After an hour of both frig and freezer time I gave up and assembled them anyhow....very messy....won't know until tomorrow if it worked....but the recipe has great promise....all ideas would be helpful....

  • DaFoodie Posted: 02/13/11
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    To ORINDA, a 12 inch square will make 16 3 inch squares. A 3 inch square will make 16 3/4 inch squares. Your math was WAY off.

  • MLRutt Posted: 02/11/10
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    I made these for our Superbowl party, and people couldn't stop eating them! I didn't have any trouble with the chocolate firming up, but I used a really shallow bowl. Some of the chocolate squirted out a bit (I didn't measure exactly, though) during baking but there was still enough inside to make them delicious.

  • KiminSJ Posted: 02/06/10
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    These were amazingly easy and so delicious! I love that they are in my freezer and ready to bake while I prepare the rest of our morning breakfast. I, too, found the chocolate to take a lot longer to firm up. Next time I will try a shallower bowl or just allow extra time. I was thinking I'd try a custard next time. These are perfect for a party or brunch.

  • Wendy92127 Posted: 07/09/10
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    The Sunset magazine review was correct - these are addicting! I made these for my "dessertaholic" bookclub group and the ladies loved them. It's especially nice to be able to pull them out of the freezer and bake right before serving. Make sure to use a high quality chocolate.

  • cnbelden Posted: 01/30/11
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    These are terrific. One of the secrets to getting the chocolate mixture to firm up is to use a premium chocolate. Chips are great for cookies, but have more ingredients in them that help them stay soft after baking. Use a quality chocolate bar. I also made this with a cinnamon filling and rolled it in a cinnamon/sugar mixture. Nummy!

  • Crazypieces Posted: 01/30/11
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    I don't really know how to rate this recipe, I'm sure it tastes good, but how do you cut a 12 square of pastry into 16 squares. That makes each square 3/4 inch square, not really enough to fold over. The recipe does say to roll to a 12 inch square, It is all ready 12 inches. Don't understand but I rolled the dough thin made 2 inch squares folded them over and they are in the freezer for an hour

  • Tagurit Posted: 01/22/12
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    This is an excellent and easy recipe. Highly suggest for beginner cooks. Only one word of advise, since chocolate is the main taste of this recipe, buy good chocolate.

  • DanielleZor Posted: 08/18/13
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    AMAZING!! This recipe was supper easy and they were delicious!! My family love them. We will definitely be sharing this recipe with family and friends!


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