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squid luau

squid luau

succulent soft squid pound with papaya leaves, added with luau leaves and a braise of coconut milk. Boiled to perfection.

  • Yield: 20 servings ( Serving Size: 1 laddle spoonful )
  • Prep time:1 Hour, 30 Minutes
  • Cook time:5 Hours, 30 Minutes


  • 20 ear(s) papaya leaves use to prep squid
  • 10 head(s) squid in whole pound in bowl w/ salt
  • 1 bag(s) hawaiin sea salt use 2 handfuls
  • 1/2 cup(s) white vinegar add to pot
  • 2 bag(s) luau leaf peel bkbone of stem
  • 10 can(s) coconut milk open & pour in pot


Luau Leaf- Debone backing of the stem from the middle of bone 'til bottom of stem

Take the Papaya leaves and wash in water

Rinse squid under fresh water

shred 2 papaya leaves @ a time w/ 1 squid and pound in a bowl w/ hawaiian salt until squid legs start to curl, continue until all squid is finished, after done ,

rinse all squid

cut out the center ink and mouth base

cut squid into bite size pieces

put into boiling water luau pot with a handful of hawaiian sea salt, and

1/2 cup vinegar

Let boil for 3-4 hours or until squid is entirely soft, Melt In Your Mouth Soft.

Add Luau Leaf, Boil until soft.

Stirring occasionally

Add coconut milk, and let boil for another 1 1/2, until milk blends in well with luau and squid

Take off stove and put into party pans,cover and put into conventional oven to keep warm

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