Spice Drop Bouquets

Spice Drop BouquetsRecipe
Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Styling: Karen Tack
This treat starts with either homemade or store bought cupcakes. Then they're topped with vanilla frosting and colorful spice drops shaped like flowers!


Makes 12

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12 each yellow, orange, white and green spice drops
1/2 cup each yellow, orange, pink and green decorating sugars
Rolling pin
1" flower-shaped cookie cutter
Small scissors
1 small ziplock bag
1 16-oz. can vanilla frosting
Yellow and light green jumbo nonpareils (wilton.com)
12 decorative cupcake liners


1. Press 3 yellow spice drops together. Sprinkle a work surface with yellow sugar and roll out pressed drops with a rolling pin to about 1/8" thickness. Repeat with remaining drops and sugar, using white drops with pink sugar. Add more sugar as needed while rolling to prevent sticking. Using a flower-shaped cookie cutter or small scissors, cut 6 flowers from each set of flattened yellow, orange and white drops, rerolling as necessary. You need up to 72 flowers. Cut as many 1/2" leaves as possible from flattened green drops. Pinch the end of each leaf to create a stem; set aside.

2. Spoon 2 Tbsp. vanilla frosting into ziplock bag. Spread remaining frosting on top of cupcakes. Arrange 3 to 6 flowers on top of each cupcake, along with several leaves.

3. Snip a small corner from ziplock bag filled with frosting. Pipe a dot of frosting in the center of each flower and top with a nonpareil.

4. Place each finished cupcake in a decorative liner and arrange on a serving platter. If desired, dress up platter with remaining spice drop flowers topped with a dot of frosting and a nonpareil.

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