Shrimp and Andouille Sausage With Asiago Grits

Recipe from

Southern Living

Recipe Time

Prep: 25 Minutes
Cook: 23 Minutes


1 1/2 pounds unpeeled, medium-size raw shrimp
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 pound andouille sausage, diced
3/4 cup whipping cream
1/3 cup chicken broth
1/3 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup freshly grated Asiago or Parmesan cheese
1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
Garnish: chopped fresh chives


Peel shrimp; devein, if desired.

Melt butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat; add sausage, and cook, stirring constantly, 5 minutes or until lightly browned. Add shrimp, and cook, stirring constantly, 3 to 5 minutes or just until shrimp turn pink. Remove shrimp and sausage mixture from skillet.

Add cream, broth, and wine to skillet; cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, 5 minutes or until slightly thickened. Stir in cheese and pepper; cook, stirring constantly, 6 to 8 minutes or until cheese is melted. Stir in shrimp and sausage mixture. Serve over Asiago Grits. Garnish, if desired.