Saffron Aioli

  • ehensley1 Posted: 01/16/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    My boyfriend has not been that impressed with saffron in paellas so far, so I thought I'd try to broaden our horizons by making this. Followed the recipe exactly, the aioli looked super yellow, but I wasn't worred because it looks very yellow in the photo. But upon tasting it it was definitely TOO strong. Had it with roasted salmon and roasted red potatoes, but it was much too strong on either, even though we used the tiniest dabs possible, like wasabi on sushi. I threw the whole batch out the same night I made it, which stinks because I wasted half a cup of mayo and a good amount of expensive saffron.

  • sjone007 Posted: 01/25/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Very easy, nice sauce. Used it with pan-seared scallops.


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