Quinoa-Stuffed Kale Rolls with Goat Cheese

  • AKinAK Posted: 03/26/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This recipe definitely took 2 hours to prepare, and I spread it over two nights. The first night I made the quinoa and tomato sauce, then made the kale and baked it the second night. The lacinato kale I found had narrow leaves, there was no way it would have rolled up into little purses like the picture. So I layered it like a lasagna in the pan. It worked okay, but didn't cut well at all with the "strips" of kale. After much frustration, I found that kitchen shears worked way better than a knife. At least I knew we were getting our fiber! I was surprised that the flavors were really good considering the simple list of ingredients (though I wish there was more goat cheese!), and my husband really liked it. But the amount of work was not worth it, so just two stars.


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