Power Salad

  • YvetteHG Posted: 11/05/08
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is a great alternative to egg-y potato salad. My guests loved it. We had it at a kids birthday party, and even the kids enjoyed it. A few notes: The sweet potatoes take a _lot_ longer to steam than the recipe calls for - well over 30 minutes, and some pieces were still not quite done. Check the potato chunks for black marks afterwards, because that is inevitable with sweet potatoes. I used peeled Stamen apples just because that's what I had and the kids preferred peeled apples. I used about half the yogurt-mayonnaise mix, and real yogurt & mayonnaise instead of "reduced-fat". Since I used half the creamy mix, I think the total fat content evens out. I also used organic evaporated cane sugar instead of artificial sweetener. The nuts are a nice touch, so don't skip those. Definitely making this one again, with the above changes.


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