Potato-Zucchini Skillet Pancakes with Cherry Tomato Salad

  • 78jessica Posted: 08/22/10
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    These pancakes turned out great. Upon reading other reviews, I actually doubled the eggs and flour (I didn't have matzo meal) which seemed to work really well for keeping them together, even despite the fact that I didn't bother toweling the veggies. (I didn't have olives so I passed on the salad and topped with Feta cheese instead.)

  • MBH816 Posted: 07/11/10
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    This was different. I decided to just do the pancakes as a side dish and make them smaller. I used 1/2 cup full and got 7 pancakes for under 100 calories each. Tasted a bit to much onion but I didn't measure my onion I just tossed a average sized onion in the food processor. I added 2 cloves of garlic and subbed bread crumbs for matzo meal. Probably will make again!

  • kateford Posted: 03/22/10
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    Awesome! I substituted onion powder for the onion and omitted the olives. I love this recipe, made it a few weeks ago and making again tonight. Shredding wasn't as bad as I thought.

  • Jennifer007 Posted: 07/22/10
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    Turned out very well. I made the tomato salad and also got salsa and sour cream. It was a little too bland with the sour cream but both the tomatoes and the salsa were good complements. Next time, I might try some spices in it but it was very good as-is. The recipe was also really easy to follow.

  • itsgigi Posted: 05/19/10
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    I made this for dinner last night, but since there are only 2 of us I wanted to cut it in half. After reading the ingredients, I decided to halve the veggies but retain the full amount of egg substitute and matzo meal. It made more of a "pancake" and was very tasty. I think this solved the problem one reader had with flipping the pancake; this definitely stayed together. I did not, however, make the salad. Both my husband and I liked it and thought it was a great new take on zucchini AND potatoes. I definately will make it again and will probably use it for Passover as we are always looking for different ways to serve vegetables for Seder. I will make mini-pancakes, cook them in advance and then just reheat for the meal.

  • SheWhoMustMac09 Posted: 01/06/13
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  • detailaddict Posted: 06/28/13
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    Meh...the pancake itself was just ok, possibly just because I added some feta; the tomato salad was a waste of ingredients. The potatoes also didn't read the recipe, because they certainly didn't cook in 6 minutes and even in a well-seasoned, oiled 6" cast-iron skillet they wouldn't turn over without falling apart. I tried broiling the tops in the oven instead but to no avail. The result was edible but it's just as well that I had only enough ingredients for 1/2 a recipe. I needed to use up some potatoes and zucchini and this served the purpose, but I doubt I'd bother with this again.


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