Potato-and-Herb Crusted Snapper with Yellow Pepper Salsa

  • No Longer Registered Posted: 06/06/10
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    I wasn't too sure about this recipe, potato and salsa? I too mixed the salsa ingredients before reading that the pepper should have been roasted, it was still great! I used tilapia, and instead of snapper, and since it is such a delicate fish, I broiled one side of the tilapia; flipped it, then put on the potato mixture and broiled the other side until the potato was well browned. Suprisingly the raw salsa was great with the potato topping.

  • JJ1916ohio Posted: 10/06/09
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    I liked the fish (I used cod) and potato crust. The salsa was also good on it's own. For me I don't really see how the flavors of the two meld together though. My bf liked the salsa with the cod but my cousin and I weren't big fans of mixing the salsa with the fish. Otherwise though good solid recipe.

  • Noogabelle Posted: 04/08/10
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    I made this dish without the salsa and it was delicious. My husband really enjoyed it and continues to regularly request it. I think it makes a restaurant quality fish dish that is very light and satisfying. You can also make the potato mixture alone and create delicious hash browns for a quick weeknight side dish.

  • CBellnap Posted: 02/05/13
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    Made this last night with fresh Gulf snapper. It was excellent. Used Hungry Jack re-hydrated potatoes and they worked perfectly with MUCH less work than shredding your own.Will definitely make this again and again.

  • Mouse207 Posted: 03/08/12
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    I was doubtful about this recipe, but went ahead and made it based on the reviews. I made it just as the recipe calls for and my husband and I thought it was fabulous!

  • Emz101 Posted: 05/20/13
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    There was nothing wrong with the recipe but there were some small things that made me give it only 3 stars. First off use your best non stick pan, I used one that was a bit older so the potato crust stuck to it and I had to change pans to a newer one to finnish the batch. As well I made sure to dry the fish very well as well as get as much moisture out of the potato's and although the potato cooked up fine it slid off the fish. The flavor wasn't as powerful as I hoped so I probably won't make it again.

  • KathrynNC Posted: 07/29/13
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    We enjoyed the flavor of this recipe even though I goofed and chopped up the yellow bell pepper before I remembered it needed to be broiled.


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