Pot Roast and Sweet Potatoes

  • DonnaJ71 Posted: 10/03/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion
    Fairbanks, AK

    I made this tonight and it was a huge hit. I was a little worried because I have a very picky family with some that don't eat meat and some that don't eat veggies.. or anything besides cheese and white rice really. My husband is a typical meat and potatoes kind of guy but his counterpart (son) doesn't like potatoes - just rice and corn. My oldest son, the veggie eater, doesn't like melted cheese or most dairy. So, making dinner really sucks. This recipe really appealed to me because I love sweet potatoes. I'm the only one that isn't picky actually. This *really* smells heavenly cooking. I loved that this site tells me what is on sale at my favorite grocery store and the only 3 ingredients I needed to buy were on sale! I followed the recipe to the T and couldn't think of anything to change for once. The meat was really tender and easy to shred with a couple forks after only 6 hours in my Rival 5 qt slow cooker. I served it over white rice and all I heard was Mmmmm mmmm