• detailaddict Posted: 03/31/10
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    I have tried this recipe twice now and have been unable to get popovers that "pop". I followed the instructions, but they just never rise. As I agreed on the first try that the resulting flavor was quite bland, I added 2 tbsp. granulated honey this time. The flavor was better but they looked too pathetic to take out of the house as I had planned. I have made popovers successfully in the past using a different recipe, even using a muffin pan. I don't know if there is some detail CL is leaving out, but I will not be wasting my milk and eggs on this recipe again.

  • chattyKathy Posted: 04/10/09
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    This recipe was awesome! Really good. Makes me want to serve them with Thanksgiving dinner. I added 1 Tbsp. of sugar and mixed everything together at once and let it sit for 30 minutes. I really tried to whisk the melted butter in well, a little at a time - not sure it completely emulsified at that time but they still turned out just perfect. Cooked the rest of the recipe per directions. Made these around 1:00 to serve at dinner, set them on paper towels.let cool, kept them in a container with lid ajar, on paper towels- they did not get flat, were just perfect with blackberry jam or plain.

  • Chezwhat Posted: 01/02/12
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    I've found this to be a really reliable recipe with very puffy popovers! As far as flavor, I think you risk limiting your success with any variance from a working recipe. I break or tear them open then add butter (I use a blend of butter/olive oil/canola oil), and either jam or fruit with any needed sweetener. To keep popovers from deflating, cut a slit in each one right out of the oven. The heat removes air from the interior, and as they cool there's no heat so create air pressure inside; as they cool, the higher pressure room air flattens them. A slit lets air in to balance the pressure.

  • xspinteach45 Posted: 09/05/12
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    Very easy to make and delicious! I use 2% milk. I have made these several times. Yum!

  • ajknightfan Posted: 12/17/12
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    Pretty easy and elegant for dinner. You do not need a popover pan, you can make it work in muffin pans. Do NOT be tempted to open the oven while cooking - use your oven light to check on the progress. Opening the oven will cause them to deflate and they are not good if they do not puff.

  • mldavis82 Posted: 07/22/13
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    The key to popovers is really two things (having tried numerous other recipes): you need to heat the popover pan first, before adding the batter; and, although not as healthy, using whole milk instead of light milk will make a big difference. The heated pan and whole milk really help make the popovers "pop" out of their tins. To try and stay healthy - I'd say try heating the pan first, then use 2% milk to see if that works.

  • madbearsmom Posted: 08/02/14
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    I followed all the tips like bringing the eggs to room temperature, pre-heating the pan and cutting a slit in them when they came out of they oven. They came out perfect, like something from a bakery. I couldn't believe I made them! (Also, used a muffin pan with 6 cups)

  • Vinniegirl Posted: 09/06/14
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    I make this recipe all the time. The pan needs to be hot and the milk and egg has to be at room temperature. I've rushed it one time and it didn't come out. The best thing about popovers is that each person gets to put what they want on top so everyone is happy! Peanut butter and honey is my favorite!


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