Pineapple Shortbread Cakes

  • sprky182 Posted: 12/20/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    These came out nice. I was a little worried when the dough was hard to work with for the first few, but after it softened a little it became much easier. I recommend letting the dough soften before starting to avoid cracks and the pineapple coming through. I found rolling the dough slices into a long oval, adding 1 tsp of filling, and then folding each side over the middle and forming the dough into a flat circle to be the best way to keep the filling from leaking out. The flavor of the shortbread is very nice and it has a nice pineapple zing. They look like cute little knishes out of the oven, but a sprinkle of powdered sugar fixes that!

  • Athena53 Posted: 01/23/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    My first experience with shortbread! It didn't go very well, unfortunately. I under mixed the shortbread and then froze it(*face palm*), which made the dough very crumbly and hard to shape. Also, we were out of white sugar, and I subbed brown sugar for it in the filling. This made it taste and look like pineapple chutney( not an unpleasant taste, but a little different). Altogether very tasty.


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