Pineapple Satay with Coconut Caramel

  • DreaDinu Posted: 01/18/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I made this recipe for a summer party and everyone raved about it. I sent home multiple copies of the recipe and still get calls asking for it. It is very simple and takes grilling fruit up a notch. We served it with grilled jerk chicken and summer salads. The skewers look beautiful when displayed on a platter. I would recommend it to everyone!

  • FoodJaunts Posted: 07/18/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    So good! Also as a bonus it's quick and easy. I used light coconut milk and thought I had messed up the caramel. I thought I added the coconut milk too early. But I just shut the stove off, let it sit, then reboiled it, swirling the pan every so often. After letting it sit for about 1/2 hour it thickened right up. I took the pineapples off the skewers and tossed it in the caramel. Forget the toasted coconut at home(I was making it at another house) but it was still perfect. Served it with fat free frozen vanilla yogurt and drizzle extra sauce on top. This got devoured by my family.

  • MegRambo1012 Posted: 07/23/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I made this the first time for my family. My 4 year old LOVED it!!!! What a fun way to eat pineapple! I just made it a second time for a small dinner party. Everyone raved! It was a hit. It did take longer than expected for the caramel to develop color in the pan. Be patient. I had leftover sauce and put it in the fridge. I wasn't sure how it would do after it had been cooled.... but, it was still perfect after I took it out the next day. This is my new 'go to' summertime desert! YUM!

  • deannelc Posted: 05/27/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I love grilled pineapple, but thought the caramel sauce was just too sweet -and unnecessary. But then, my caramel sauce didn't really turn out the way it was supposed to either. When I poured in the coconut milk, the caramel seized up, leaving me with a big clump of hard sugar at the end of the whisk. My caramel ended up on the thin side. I don't think I'll make this again as there are other, easier, less time-consuming grilled pineapple recipes that are as good, if not better.


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