Pine Nut and Lemon Orzo

  • kconrad Posted: 06/25/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I have made this many times, and it is a great base that goes well with so many things. It is especially good with feta cheese, grape tomatoes and baby spinach mixed in.

  • EllenDeller Posted: 07/23/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This has potential, but needs tweaking. Instead of using all parsley, I used equal amounts of fresh parsley, mint, basil, and oregano. Additionally, I sprinkled some seasoned rice vinegar in. And I used the more flavorful whole wheat orzo. So, yes, it was delicious with roast lamb and squash, but it definitely needs more flavor than this recipe contains as written.

  • Lynn A. Posted: 08/22/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This recipe was quick and easy to make and very tasty. The lemon flavor was just right, and the toasted pine nuts added just the right texture and flavor to the pasta. It was a wonderful side with the shrimp skewers I grilled. My husband and I are on Weight Watchers, and so I cut the serving size to 3/4 cup, which was still an ample serving and quite filling. I will definitely make this dish again. I liked this recipe as written, but you could easily add additional ingredients. For example, in the future, I might try adding chopped olives and feta cheese.

  • chudson Posted: 04/26/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I was torn when it came to rating this -- it is a good solid recipe, but when I made this for our gourmet group this weekend everyone asked for the recipe. I made it as a side dish for lamb stuffed with fruit and macadamia nuts, so I wanted something that would not compete with the lamb but also would not be boring. This got raves. I agree with other reviewers that it is lightly flavored, but I think that's the beauty of it as a side dish.

  • karenfar Posted: 06/04/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion
    Huntington Beach, CA

    I made this for friends as an accompaniment to a Italian chicken recipe and it was perfect. It is so light and refreshing and very quick and easy to make.


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