Orange-Glazed Cranberry Pound Cake

  • Victoire Posted: 12/25/08
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is a delicious and versatile cake, that would work equally well for an everyday dessert, a special brunch, or an informal holiday dinner. I will certainly make it again. I used a castle Bundt pan for mine. I made no changes in the cake recipe, but I did alter the glaze recipe. Since the presentation was beautiful in the castle pan, and I didn't want to cover it up with icing, I just doubled the glaze recipe, and used a 50/50 mixture of orange juice and Grand Marnier, plus a little orange zest, in place of the plain orange juice. I also threw a few fresh cranberries into the glaze mixture while heating it, to decorate the castle's towers. Then I painted the glaze over the entire cake surface. Beautiful, festive and just sweet enough! The recipe does make a little more batter than needed (leave 1/2-2/3 inch at the rim for rising), so I'd recommend using the extra batter in a muffin or cupcake pan. That way, you get to test out the finished product, and decide how much glaze and/or frosting you want to add.


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