Open-Faced Roast Beef Sandwiches with Braised Cabbage Slaw & Russian Dressing

  • claresoko Posted: 08/16/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is a great receipe for left over roast beef. The Russian dressing is full of flavor and adds some spiciness. The cabbage slaw has delicious sweetness with the apples and is a great contrast to the dressing.

  • RacingNeedles Posted: 07/29/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    The sandwich all together was ok, but we found the cabbage slaw bland.

  • sukeedog Posted: 06/29/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I wanted to try this but hate cooked cabbage, so I just mixed the raw shredded cabbage with the apple (which I also shredded, and I used Granny Smith) plus some scallions (in place of the onion), omitting the water, vinegar, caraway seeds, salt & parsley. I made the dressing as directed (other than adding some pickled jalapeno for kick) and slathered half on the toasts and tossed the remaining with the slaw. Delicious! I know I changed a lot, but the dressing is amazing as is and makes the dish, in my opinion.


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