Okra-Shrimp Beignets

  • carhyne Posted: 10/22/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    These were pretty good, but not good enough to warrant all of the chopping/slicing required. I made the salsa and the cilantro sour cream, too, and they were good. I am not fast with a knife, and it took me forever to chop/slice two kinds of onions, two kinds of peppers, okra, shrimp, tomatoes, and cilantro and to juice limes. If you are a more efficient chopper (or if you have an assistant) this might be worth it, especially if you love okra. I am not sure the salsa added much to the meal, but the sour cream was good. I may use that with something else, too. I followed the recipe except that I did not have peanut oil, so I fried them in canola oil.


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