Mushroom and Fresh Herb Lasagna

  • Gingero Posted: 07/19/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I first tried this dish at a birthday party for a friend, and it was so unbelievably delicious that I had to get the recipe from the hostess. She used fresh pasta in hers, which makes it even more amazing, and she substituted crimini mushrooms for some of the portabella, so there were 3 different kind of mushrooms in it. The recipe is easy to make. If you use fresh pasta, buy three sheets and cut them into strips and don't cook it first. Buy the best quality cheese you can find and grate it yourself - this makes a lot of difference in the taste. The first time I made it, I cooked the bechamel a little too long which made it too thick, but my friends all loved the result and didn't notice. This is just an outstanding recipe, makes a beautiful presentation with the fresh herbs sprinkled at the end, and is sure to impress foodie friends. Even my friends who normally avoid mushrooms still rave about it.


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