Monkey Bread

  • TastyCakezz Posted: 04/22/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This recipe is good, but if you really want amazing monkey bread, try Oprah's recipe! I made some last night, and it was soooo amazing! Here's the site if you guys want to try it out:

  • JCake17 Posted: 04/24/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    this recipe is sooo good! I don't think you miss the extra fat in this 'light' recipe. I often make this for brunch and its always a hit.

  • 1carolyne Posted: 08/08/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I used my own bread dough recipe, but other than that, followed the recipe to the letter. Don't be afraid of the sugar hardening as it rises, just put it in the softens right back up. Since there is a small amount of butter, the hardening is natural, but I wonder if adding cream of tartar or some corn syrup would fix this problem. Not that it's really a problem. Come on, this is virtually a fat free recipe with an extremely rich flavor/texture. It doesn't taste like it's light. Actually, in my opinion, this is softer and richer than any monkey bread I've tasted with the typical amounts of butter used. Fantastic. Nice job, Cooking Light. For an Orange Monkey bread, I think I would put 1-2 cups of orange marmalade on the bottom of the pan, put the dough pieces in, and then pour the sugar mixture {made with orange juice instead of milk} over the dough pieces, as called for in the original recipe. I'd probably add the zest of several oranges to the mixture as well.

  • JanineC Posted: 09/01/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    OMG so good!!! First ever monkey bread and this recipe is the ONLY ONE you need. Lower fat & Super easy too using 2 tubes jumbo buttermilk bisquits (didn't have bread dough) - I used 2TB butter for more richness, milk/sugar the same. Up cinnamon to 1TB in dry sugar mix for more flavor - added 1/4c ea. nuts and raisins (add some to very bottom and sprinkle between layers). Pour syrup over top then bake immediately. Amazing !!!! Not necessary to use 1/2c butter that most recipes call for-you won't miss it. Yum..yum..


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