Mediterranean Mussels with Celery Root and Pearl Onions

  • KarenHansen Posted: 09/25/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This is the best mussel dish I have ever had and all of my guests agree. However, it is VERY time consuming to make. The glazed Celery root and braised onions required a lot of prep, just cutting the celery root and peeling the pearl onions is challenging. There is a lot of reduction but this gives the flavor to the base which is more like a seafood stew. I always double the recipe and put half of the glazed celery root with the braised onions in the freezer and for another meal I throw in some shrimp and put it over pasta. If you make this all at once it takes well over 2 hours so usually I make the celery root and braised onion the day before. Then when my guests arrive I basically put everything together, cook the mussels, serve a salad, and have plenty of sour dough bread. It is a delicious and very filling meal.


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