Maple-Orange Chicken

  • tom007 Posted: 11/09/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Great taste, although I got away from the recipe. Instead of water, I reduced about 1/3 cup of orange juice to a bit over 3 tablespoons. I used White Vinegar as I did not have cider vinegar. I liked it as a liquid so found no reason to thicken as someone suggested. Will do it again. I probably ended up with twice the sauce it would normally make, as we split 2 breasts between 3 seniors.

  • Moblack39 Posted: 10/08/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    We really enjoy this recipe. I probably wouldn't use it for a special occasion, as 4 stars indicates, but we really like it. Some changes I've made, as this has a very Asian inspired flavor... I cut the chicken breasts into small 1-inch pieces so it resembled a stir-fry, and cooked faster. I also added a small amount of grated ginger to the sauce, so give it a little more Asian flavor too. I served this over white rice, with some soy sauce- yum!! I do enjoy the sauce thickened as the sugar in the syrup reduces. We really can't taste the maple syrup, so don't let that turn you off from the recipe. It just makes it sweeter, similar to Orange Peel Chicken that you might order at a restaurant.


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