Lemon-Ginger Fried Chicken

  • MichelleS Posted: 08/06/09
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    I really liked the flavor of the chicken but if you are looking for a crispy coating, this is not what you will get with this recipe. The broth and lemon slices makes the coating wet but the chicken does come out moist. The fresh ginger in the marinade makes the recipe without a doubt. It is really easy to make, just need extra time for the marinating and standing. I had this with sweet potato wedges.

  • Jajooo Posted: 09/11/09
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    I am making this for the first time as we speak and I have to admit I am confused by step 5 as well... I am going to put the chicken on the top rungs of the roasting pan and pour the juice/broth in the pan underneath as I want a crispy coating, what have other people done?

  • FionaT Posted: 08/27/09
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    I made this for my boyfriend and my sister. They both loved the flavor of the crust, and my boyfriend is still raving about how it was the best fried chicken hes ever eaten. The pre-cook time is quite long and is the only thing keeping me from making this recipe more frequently.

  • No Longer Registered Posted: 01/10/10
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    I thought this chicken was incredibly juicy. The breading turned out great. A lovely Sunday dinner. Will definitely make again.

  • Quinnetts Posted: 09/02/09
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    This was great! Soak the chicken overnight and the flavor will be all the way through the meat and very tender. The brown sugar on top gives it a nice subtly sweet crunch. This one's a keeper.

  • slowcook15 Posted: 08/25/09
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    Was anyone else confused by Step 5? It talked about frying the chicken in an ovenproof skillet which it later called a pan. Then, it said to put the chicken in a roasting pan. Then to put the broth mixture in "the pan." Which pan? I put the broth in the skillet to deglaze it and then poured it on top of the chicken in the roasting pan. What did others do?

  • stefohnee Posted: 09/21/09
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    This recipe is time-consuming (marinate chicken for 90 minutes in the fridge, let come to room temperature for 30 minutes, pan-fry for 10-15 minutes if you don't want to crowd the pan, bake for 45 minutes) so get an early start! One star off for time consuming-ness, another star off for confusing instructions. I couldn't tell what pan I was supposed to add the chicken stock/marinade to at the end of the recipe before baking. I was baking the chicken in a large jellyroll/sheet pan with a cookie rack in it, so i poured the liquid in that so it would keep some moisture in the oven while the chicken finished baking. I bet a lot of people will be confused by the instructions and put the chicken directly into a pan along with this liquid, which will make their "fried" chicken turn into braised chicken. Yummy, I'm sure, but sad because 1) your chicken is no longer crispy and 2) you spent time and calories frying the chicken in oil first.

  • Shirley12 Posted: 03/12/10
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    I've made this recipe three times. It's great for a picnic or backyard summer evening meal. It is time consuming, allow time for marinading 1 hr, chill with the coating 1 1/2 hr, and then recoating and sitting for 30 mins. That's 3 hrs of prep time before you have to saute and then bake for 45 mins. Note - if I use large breasts I add 10 - 15 mins baking time. So, it does take some time and planning. Also, I don't use two pans as indicated in the directions. I prefer to use an oven-safe saute pan and save the hassle. I've also made this with adding the marinade/broth to the pan and baking and skipping it. The difference is texture in the coating, crispy if you skip the marinade/broth and pretty soggy on the bottom if you add it, but tasty. The coating is very similar to skin without being greasy. I love the flavors, the meat is always moist and juicy, and my husband is always excited when I make it!

  • myrecipestest Posted: 04/11/11
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    Good to Taste

  • No Longer Registered Posted: 06/30/11
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    I love lemon with chicken

  • MarshaRicher Posted: 10/11/11
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    Quicker version - I used chicken tenders and fried them (saved 45 minutes of baking). I took them from the refrigerater, added the second flour coating and fried them in my electric fryer, covered. I put the lemon wedges and brown sugar over the chicken 5 minutes they were done and covered them again. Then added some flour to the extra marinade and put in a gravy dish to spoon over chicken and the brown rice had made. It was wonderful, really tender and a lot faster !

  • korivh1978 Posted: 08/19/12
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    Ok, this recipe had so many steps I gave up. Who has THAT MANY HOURS???? So angry.


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