Leek and Potato Tart with Gruyère

  • ViennaVAfoodie Posted: 01/30/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This was decent but I think that it needed something. I used fontina instead of gruyere because it was less expensive so maybe that was the reason. The potatoes should be cubed and boiled beforehand--similar to the other cooking light leek and potato tart. Our potatoes turned out really tough. The breadstick dough was really tasty and i'm glad I didn't have to spend the extra time making my own bread dough. The leeks were really tasty but I think all in all it just needs that extra something. I think adding in some thyme or oregano might really make this something snappy! I think we'll give it another shot but cook the potatoes and cube them, add in thyme or some other herb and possibly use gruyere. I would love to make this recipe work though because for the calories it was such a home cooked European family-type meal.


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