Key Lime Stars

  • twiggy60 Posted: 12/16/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I tried these thinking I would impress my mother in law with something different since she is a prize winning baker (Betty Croker & Pillsbery)! What a waste of a lot if time and effort. The cookies were low in the flavor category, dough was extremely hard to work with and I ended up having to re-roll the dough even though it sat in the fridge for an hour. The cookies came out thin and small - recipe says 2" cookie cutter and they mean it. If you don't use a two inch cutter you can forget about having a decent batch of cookies. For a decent cookie, you have to make 3" but with this dough, you will have a hard time getting it on the cookie sheet without messing it up. For all the effort, not making again - not enough taste to make it worth it!


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