Hoisin-glazed Wild Alaska Salmon in Ginger Broth

  • IamLisa Posted: 08/31/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I made this last night and initially followed the recipe to the letter. I immediately wondered how approximately 2.5 cups of broth could even come close to accommodating the 10+ cups of vegetables this recipe calls for, but decided to forge ahead anyway. I figured that maybe somehow it would work out, but there was no way - the carrots and zucchini alone completely overwhelmed the small amount of liquid, and I didn't even use the entire two cups of carrots. So, in order to try to make it work I added enough extra chicken broth to allow a small amount of broth to exist, but of course that diluted the flavors of the ginger and lemongrass, which I had already discarded. In the end it was edible and seemed exceedingly healthy, but if I made it again, which I probably won't, I would at least double, if not triple, the first five ingredients. Also, it says it makes four servings. Really? Ten cups of veggies divided up among four people? About a cup and a half a person was more than enough.

  • shazlitt Posted: 10/20/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I haven't tried this yet but felt I needed to point out something. IamLisa gave it a really bad review that it truly didn't deserve. Apparently she misread the quantity of carrots as 2 cups and zucchini as 1 cups when it says 2 carrots and 1 zucchini which do not come close to 3 cups of veggies. Nappa is like spinach it boils down to almost nothing but adds moisture. I think this recipe should be right on the money and I plan to make it. When I do, I'll let everyone know how it turns out.


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