Hearth-Baked Centennial Sourdough

  • KristineA Posted: 09/08/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Yummy but very dense. It could have been my fault?? You never know with bread! I'm an intermediate bread baker, but I have never worked with rye flour (which is why I chose this recipe over the 4000 other sourdough recipes). I do not have a bread machine, but when I looked it up, "dough" setting was basically a good knead with a rise and a punch down. I kneaded over 10 minutes- part in the stand up mixer, part by hand. The dough rose nicely, I punched it down, shaped it into a round and let it rise again. I slashed it and baked it on parchment paper with cornmeal under it until golden- spritzing it with a little water and served it with soup. It had the consistency of Albertsons Whole Grain French Bread- not bad, but not wonderful. But it tasted darn good!! I will make again!


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