Guacamole and Turkey Sandwiches

  • sukeedog Posted: 04/26/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    A simple, delicious (and very pretty) sandwich. Guacamole goes surprisingly well with deli turkey! My only complaint is the reported nutritional info, specifically the calorie count. I don't see how any sandwich can possible be only 205 calories - two slices of bread alone can top that easily, and then you throw on some meat and avocado? I realize the recipe calls for "1-oz" slices of bread, but even then this is a stretch (and who has 1-oz slices of bread, anyway? These must exist in the same alternate universe as the 2-oz chicken thighs and 4-oz chicken breasts so prevalent in CL recipes!). But gripes aside, the sandwich is fantastic and, served with some tasty chips, makes for a perfect weeknight meal.


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