Grilled Tuna over Lemon-Mint Barley Salad

  • Jocilyn Posted: 07/12/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Not too bad and pretty easy to make. A bit time-consuming though.

  • ihiker Posted: 04/20/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Very easy and super tasty. We didn't change a thing.

  • Clarebh Posted: 09/05/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Both the tuna and the barley salad were excellent, and very easy to make! Highly recommend-might even make the barley salad again and add chicken for a main dish!

  • Chiromom Posted: 06/01/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I replaced the barley with quinoa, to make it gluten free. I don't like capers so I omitted them and doubled the olives. Excellent recipe. I'm surprised how much I liked the mint, it added great flavor without overpowering the dish. My husband loved it. I served it with asparagus.

  • Heidelind1 Posted: 05/07/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    The 4 stars is strictly for the barley salad, it was incredibly tasty. I love the texture of the barley. I completely overcooked the tuna, so I can't say much about it.


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