Grilled Spareribs with Fennel Seeds and Herbs

  • Ishkbbl Posted: 07/13/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Sunset, you are a home wrecker. Twelve years ago, I invited Sauceless in Seattle blackberry ribs into my life. We had been happy together ever since. When we had parties, or were invited to them, SIS and I were always together, and always welcomed. Then, you published this recipe. With the herbs in my garden and the spices in my pantry it was too easy to stray, Hours later, I still bask in olfactory and taste bud afterglow. Sure, I had my way with these ribs, baking them before grilling and creating a mop from the drippings, but ultimately, they had their way with me. I am now their slave. Blackberries are so "oughts."


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