Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  • DonnaKeil Posted: 01/18/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion


  • ggkienle Posted: 03/04/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I too found that the cooking time was not long enough. I also decided to double the butter. If I am going to spend the time and money to make cookies I want them to taste like cookies. Cutting back on the butter doesn't make them dietetic. Also added some toasted walnuts. I did like the idea of toasting and grinding the oatmeal for a different texture. Would I make these again - probably - but I think I would just as soon have a really good, old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie. However, I am keeping the recipe.

  • LinyoPS Posted: 02/24/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    My opinion and experience is completely different than the other reviews.The recipe says to beat the sugars and butter til fluffy - there's no where near enough butter in ratio to sugar to make a fluffy mixture. I substituted only 1/4 cup almond flour as the note on the almond flour bag says not to substitute more than 1/4 cup to 1 cup ap flour. The dough was very soft and gummy. I did refrigerate it for about 24 hours, and baked these a little while ago. They have very little flavor, and while they are soft and chewy, it's like eating chewy sawdust. Maybe more vanilla extract and salt would improve the taste, but these are far from "the best" I've ever made or eaten.

  • robgraphics Posted: 02/24/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    In fairness to the recipe, I did substitute Nestle Dark Chocolate Morsels for the semisweet chocolate chunks. Cool part about this recipe is that you are making the oat flour. Watch the time, though, when roasting the oats. Eight minutes was plenty. Any longer and they would have started to burn. I did turn them as directed too. Dough does need to be chilled as directed. I refrigerated them overnight. This is not as moist of a dough as a typical chocolate chip cookie recipe. Recommended cooking time for the cookies of 10-12 minutes was too short, at least based on my oven. I had them in for 15 minutes, or until there was some slight browning on the top. This is a very good, softer cookie. The toasted homemade oat flour gave it a distinctive taste much different than just using whole or quick oats. I will be making these again and will probably add some toasted pecans to the recipe.


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