Cranberry-Orange Bundt Cakes

  • ViennaVAfoodie Posted: 12/20/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    oh, Cooking Light, how you always have moist and delicious cakes!! I literally went out and bought a mini bundt pan based on seeing these in the December issue. I made the cranberry orange variety for the first time today and wow are they moist and delicious. I didn't have orange zest, so my icing could definitely use a little kick. I also added a cup of fresh cranberries to the batter and topped the icing with sprinkled crystalized ginger. I wanted to add the crystallized ginger into the batter but I forgot. Next time I definitely will. When I made these, I only got thirteen mini bundts, but this is my first time using the bundt pan and so I did have some extra on the bottoms of each one. I can't wait to use this next holiday season for gifts!!

  • Ruth528 Posted: 12/23/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    GREAT recipe. Five stars for sure. Good texture and great taste.


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