Cranberry-Key Lime Sauce

  • cathyquilts Posted: 11/21/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Beautiful, bright flavor to brighten your Thanksgiving/Christmas meals! I've made this twice a year since the recipe appeared in So Living 2006. Tips: Mint loses flavor when cut, so plant your own, beg from friends or find a plant in the grocery. Don't use dry from the spice isle. Key limes are scarce at Thanksgiving. Pick up late October/early November and keep in the crisper. In a pinch, substitute one regular lime (zest and green flesh only; large limes have too much white pith to use whole). Make 1-2 days ahead and store refrigerated to get best red color. Add 1 tbsp more finely minced mint to serve. To avoid chunks of lime peel, quarter key limes (or chop zest) and process with sugar first until finely ground. Remove remaining chunks of peel. Add cranberries and liquor/juice (I prefer Cointreau) and pulse to your desired texture. I like the berries to be chopped, not pureed. Remember to make ahead for best texture and color. Cheers!


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