Corn Fritters with Roasted Tomatoes and Lime Aioli

  • nlrutecki Posted: 08/25/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    SOOOO fantastic! Easy assembly and quick if you decide to use fresh tomatoes instead of the broiled like I did. The fritters were tasty and easy to make but I did have to make a bit more of the batter because the corn kernels weren't coated quite enough. Realllllly really enjoyed this one though! Good as a party appetizer.

  • lethalcupcake Posted: 09/03/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I do not eat meat so I left out a few ingredients that I did not care for. I. Have made these 3 times already and the are fabulous..

  • KellyDiff Posted: 09/05/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Truly outstanding and beautiful, and so impressive looking. They were so delicious. Requires some advance planning with the roasted tomatoes, but not particularly difficult. (I made it with egg substitute for my egg-allergic daughter, with no issues). Am making again tomorrow for a Labor Day BBQ

  • SusieSnider Posted: 01/15/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    As I was pressed for time, I sliced the roma tomatoes and seared them in a ridged cast iron skillet till very tender and free of much moisture. This gave them a great smoky flavor and it only took a fraction of the time. As a vegetarian, I substituted baco bits (soy based). I spread the aioli over the fritters and sprinkled with the baco bits before topping with the tomato and arugula. The baco bits enhanced the flavor greatly and really brought out the flavor of the corn. I also used frozen corn as I had no fresh ears available. Two thumbs up!

  • rosiecheeks115 Posted: 04/14/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Made this for dinner tonight and liked it very much. The roasted tomatoes were a little strong in flavor but it could be because tomatoes aren't in season here in Michigan. My husband really liked the arugula and the peppery flavor. The recipe seems to have and oversite. I took out the egg so it could be added but it was never mentioned in the directions. When I went to fry the fritters I noticed the egg sitting on the counter and was surprised I didn't add it to the batter. I reread it again still did not find it so I just added it right before I fried the fritters. If I make this again I will wait until all the vegetables are more in season here in the north. www,

  • psychic503 Posted: 08/05/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    FYI the fritters taste like corn in pancake form -- no more and no less. If you want something different you need to spice it beyond what the recipe calls for. The corn pancakes were delicious (I love corn) but I thought the whole thing was not quite good enough to be worth so much work. If I were to make this again, I would make some changes: 1) double the size of the fritters for less time-consuming cooking, 2) smother with a smooth salsa or enchilada sauce instead of using roasted tomatoes, 3) sour cream instead of the aioli, 4) greens on the side (they wilted).

  • detailaddict Posted: 08/10/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I made these by reinventing some leftover CL Creamed Corn with Bacon and Leeks (which was good but I didn't have anything else to serve it with). As this already contained the corn and milk I simply added some flour, 1t baking powder and an egg (with some corn kernels I also needed to use), then pan-fried them as directed. They were tasty enough not to need the aioli, and I didn't make the roasted tomatoes either but served them as a side to sloppy joes. I would give this recipe more stars but as I merely "borrowed" it I can't comment on the original; but perhaps this is "food" for thought on using leftovers.

  • michellefries Posted: 10/05/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I have made this twice and it is a hit! Soooooo tasty. The corn fritters are so sweet and a great balance with the tomato and arugula. I Will definitely make again, and will probably keep the fritter recipe on hand for other uses.


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