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: Clam Chowder Homemade

: Clam Chowder Homemade

  • Yield: 1 serving


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I don't know what the Progresso Clam Chowder is like, but if you like thick,

tasty clam chowder, this recipe is the one I use. When I say large can I

mean the one that is maybe 2 qts. It's not the little can. I don't

currently have one so I can be sure what size it is. This is pretty thick.

I think cooking the potatoes in the drained clam juice really adds to the


Title: Clam Chowder Homemade-Susie


Yield: Servings

1/4 c Flour,For Thickening.

4 sl Bacon,Chopped

1/2 Large Sweet Onion,Chopped


1 cn Clams,Large Can From GFS or Costco

1 c Heavy Cream

2 c Whole Milk

2 lg Potato,Diced Into Cubes 1/2




Dried Thyme,Optional

[Note: this is a "wing-it" recipe . lately I've been using a stalk

or so of celery diced into small pieces. Make sure you use GOOD thick

bacon. I like the maple flavored stuff from sams club.] I think the maple

flavor adds to the good flavor.

drain the can of clams into a saucepan. set the clams aside. boil

(simmer{ the potatoes in the clam juice til tender. 10 - 15 minutes.

drain clams reserving the clam juice. set the clams aside til the end

while the potatoes are cooking - fry the bacon til crisp in a large

dutch oven or heavy pan. I use coated cast iron. (Le Crueset dutch


When bacon is done - remove from fat.

saute the onion (and celery) in the rendered bacon fat til tender.

Add 3-4 T flour (or more) to make a roux.

Add the broth from the clams. cook over medium heat til thick.

add milk and cream. use your best judgement as to how much to use

depending on the fat/flour ratio you've used.

Add the cooked potatoes - add the clams. add back in the cooked bacon.

add any seasonings you might like. like the dried thyme and perhaps

some pepper. Some people add a little Sherry wine.

Try not to cook the clams any more than you have to. they'll get tough.

simmer til thick as you like.

Yummy! I used the thick maple bacon from sams. I think it's call

Wright's. It comes in a 3 lb pkd. Not all Sam's clubs carry it.

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