Citrus-and-Herb Turkey

  • emilyerickson Posted: 11/21/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    So it's the night before Thanksgiving '12 and I'm at my dad's in Seattle, looking up this recipe because I forgot my clipped-from-the-magazine version at home. And what to my wondering eyes does appear but my brilliant Southern Living recipe with no reviews! I've been using this for Thanksgiving going on about 10 years, so I'm really surprised. Okay, time to fix this.... BIRD: The herbs, the citrus, the wine ... all make for a flavorful, moist bird. I don't even have to brine it. DRIPPINGS. Two words: Spectacular. Gravy. PRESENTATION. The lemon & orange slices under the browned skin are really pretty. EPILOGUE: You can use all the extra bits to make the most delicate, flavorful turkey stock ever. In short, I totally endorse it.


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