Christmas Stollen

  • Snowcookie Posted: 12/14/10
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    I made this 2x's because the 1st didn't rise at all, & my yeast was active. Followed this recipe to a T. A HUGE WASTE of ingred's. I think the yeast should be 2 pkgs.,not 1. Anyone else try this? Very, very disappointed.

  • Redforever Posted: 02/10/11
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    1 Tbsp yeast is just fine for the amount of flour given. Use only 1 tsp sugar when proofing the yeast. Add the rest to the flour as you make the bread. Don't add all the flour at once. Start with 2 cups, mix well, add another cup, and then slowly, if needed, add 1 Tbsp flour until dough is smooth and elastic. A bit tacky is better than too dry. I suspect those whose bread did not rise used too much flour. Make sure your milk is only lukewarm. Too hot will kill the yeast.

  • 4CookieQueen Posted: 12/28/10
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    here is what worked..1/4tsp sugar, 1/4c water, 1 pkg. yeast.Proof 8 min. Add 1/4c milk & 1/4c sugar when mixing ingred. 1st rise 2 hrs.(stollen will not double in size) 2nd rise 1 hr. Delicious! I did my research, to much yeast kills yeast..1/4c is way to much.

  • MsVivi Posted: 12/18/10
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    Hint: use a very warm place to rise the dough. (It would not rise at normal temperature where I usually rise dough.) I used my oven that has a pilot light. With the door slightly open, I estimate the temperature was over 100 degrees. It was my best stollen ever.

  • Snow4Me Posted: 12/29/10
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    Oops!..I much sugar will kill yeast..

  • 1cookinWash Posted: 12/27/10
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    I, too was disappointed that the stollen didn't rise very much. I thought that the warm place I used for rising was too warm and might have killed the yeast. But it's reassuring to hear that other cooks had this problem. I usually make stollen from a combination of Joy of Cooking and my German mother's recipe. For 6-8 cups of flour they use 2 cakes of compressed yeast. No rising problems encountered. I'll try this again with 2 pkgs. of yeast. The flavor was terrific, just didn't look too great!


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