Chilled Poached Salmon with Panzanella

  • mja489 Posted: 06/15/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This was great. I made a few minor changes. We grilled the salmon because we were grilling the night before. I served a great crusty bread on the side instead of underneath the dish. It is not really a panzanella salad because of the way it is served, but it is fantastic. Also, I used Asian cucumbers- smaller, thin skin and almost no seeds - so I left the skin on and just diced them. I though it would be too much vinegar, but it tasted great. I did not refrigerate the tomato mixture, I just let it sit a room temperature instead (I don't like to refrigerate tomatoes) Dipped the bread in the extra liquid. I also served an arugula salad with the meal.-


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