Chili-Roasted Black Eyed Peas

  • coynel Posted: 12/31/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    An almost identical recipe was printed in the January 2011 magazine, except it used creole seasoning. My problem is that after about 30 minutes, the peas were charred and smoking! I'd love to hear if anyone else tried this recipe in case the time (50-60 min)or temp (425F) might be wrong. Thanks.

  • cookforkids Posted: 12/31/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    The previous reviewer is exactly right--the temperature is much too high for black eyed peas. I kept a close on these and still lost a few to char after about 18 minutes. The flavor is great, though (of those not charred!), and I will try them again at a much lower temperature.

  • valb18 Posted: 02/08/11
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    I tried to make this for a super bowl party this year. My husband stirred while I was getting everything else ready. He called me in after 40 minutes, but it was too late, the beans were already charred. However, I am going to try these again at a lower temp and shorter time.

  • schapstick Posted: 09/09/11
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    Don't bother with the blackeyed peas, use chickpeas & pat dry before adding any oil or seasoning. Bake at 375* & check often

  • Adshehan Posted: 01/01/12
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    Previous reviews spot on--the temperature is much too high for black eyed peas. The flavor is great on those not charred...a disappointment!

  • LoraBethWheeler Posted: 02/06/12
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    I stirred every 10 minutes as told. Baked 50 minutes as told. They were still soft inside once you bit into them. Put them back in the oven, thinking that they were not dried out enough. They never got crunchy like nuts and had no flavor. Very disappointed. I will never make these again unless someone can tell me I did something wrong. I understand that they are supposed to be crunchy like nuts. Has anyone else experienced the same?

  • DanicaN Posted: 02/03/13
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Even though the reviews on this recipe were not favorable, I decided to try it with some *tweaks* as it is low in sodium. I made it with partially cooked black eyed peas (from dried) and then roasted them in a 325 degree oven (in a single layer) on parchment paper for over two hours, stirring every 10 minutes. They came out crunchy without charring, but the seasoning (used as directed) was COMPLETELY lacking in flavor. There was no chili powder *bite*, the cumin fell flat, and even with an additional sprinkle of salt, it wasn't enough to pull any real flavor out to save the recipe. Even with additional effort, it is truly not worth the time or energy. I'm tossing them out in the yard for the squirrels.


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