Chicken-Andouille Gumbo

  • Armentorlynette Posted: 02/16/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I am from Louisiania!!! Born and raised here and the mistake you are making is that the rouix mixture must be made and added to the water before adding the meat or seafood. The horrible taste is that the rouis mixture has not blended with the water. Try this and it will be better. Also "cajun" food is seasoned to taste,meaning your taste, simply add seasoning you like, but a lilltle dash of Tabasco will make it better take it from me. It is great on a cold winter day and tase much better the second day Ha HA

  • SandeeJune Posted: 12/05/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This recipe is the BEST. I have been making this since 1998, everytime I serve this my guests go crazy!!! It is a HUGE hit everytime. My tip: I make my gumbo at least 3-4 days a head of time. It is so much better if it sits a few days before serving. Enjoy!!

  • OJWoman Posted: 02/16/12
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I haven't made this yet BUT am already disappointed. The summary could use some work. It lists the Yield as 4 1/2 quarts - but how many servings? It lists the Cook Time as 45 minutes, Prep Time, 20 minutes, and Chill (Time) as 30 minutes. So a little over 1.5 hours, right? But there are three steps that take an hour, and another that takes 45 minutes. I'm an experienced cook and so I know to read a recipe all the way through, but new cooks won't know that. I also think they should add that making it a day ahead is a good idea. For me, that's a positive. I'm making it tonight, my housekeeper is coming tomorrow (and thoroughly cleaning my kitchen), and book club is coming tomorrow night. Perfect! I'll update my rating after that....

  • Kcbailey55 Posted: 03/08/14
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I have made gumbo for years, and this recipe will be fine once it is tweaked a good bit. Cook the andouille sausage in oil or butter then make the roux in the same pot. Do not boil the andouille! Cook the vegetables in the roux in the pot in which it was made. I also cook the chicken in the andouille grease for added flavor and use reserved stock on hand or stored bought and add boullion cubes. My family likes a can of crushed tomatoes and okra with the slime cooked out of it in the gumbo too. Filé is served individually.


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