Chicken & Stuffing Skillet

  • Hot_Momma_to_2 Posted: 11/27/09
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Good meal...easy, but not REAL quick...but not an all night affair either. The entire family enjoyed this meal...even my picky 19 month old! It isn't really a fancy meal...just one of the meals to be worked into the weekly mix. Very tasty!

  • VJDeed Posted: 10/07/10
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    I made exactly as directed, and ended up with very tasty "slop". This would indicate too much moister, so if I make it again (as hubby requested), I will reduce water used to make stuffing, and less milk. This is a good mid-week comfort meal; I wouldnt serve company.

  • Clcs83 Posted: 07/10/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    Great recipe - I did use about 2/3rd of the recommended water for the stuffing and some extra cheese. Will definitely make again.

  • jadoreyou Posted: 07/01/11
    Worthy of a Special Occasion

    This recipe was amazing!!