Caramel Apples

  • Angie Posted: 10/11/09
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    The caramel would not stick. We dipped the apples in the boiling water and it was just upsetting! We let the caramel cool down because at first it was too thin....then it would stick until we put in to dry where a pile of caramel was sitting under the apple! If anyone has any suggestions PLS HELP!!! My husband is a baker and he couldn't figure this out! VERY FRUSTRATING!

  • Flirshous Posted: 09/20/12
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    Angie, try roughing up the skin of the apples slightly. We use very fine sandpaper to lightly rub the apples then, wash & dry them. Should work like a charm!

  • pbarone04 Posted: 09/21/12
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    Angie - the apples have to be dry for anything to stick. Why did you dip them into water? This was eaiser than peeling off oall those little wrappers!

  • klstoltz Posted: 02/14/13
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    Best caramel I have ever made. I didn't try to dip apples in the caramel. instead, i chose to slice the apples and drizzled the caramel over the slices. Wonderful.

  • reece8 Posted: 10/29/13
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    I actually made this twice because I thought my candy thermometer was off. The first time the caramel turned out rock hard! Not even brittle hard, I mean rock hard. I had to throw away everything! I usually don't take time to write reviews unless I can help someone else from wasting their time and ingredients! I found several other recipes that said bring it to 240 degrees. I tried that with this recipe and it was better, still more chewy/hard than I'd like. I realized the taste isn't very appealing anyway. Not very creamy with a strong brown sugar flavor. Will try another recipe next time. If you do make this 255 degrees is way too high I'd try 235.


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